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darryl green biography1I was born in 1967. I grew up with my two brothers and two sisters in the great metropolitan city of Philadelphia. I was seven years old when I sang my first song in public. I can still remember the burgundy crushed velvet suit I was wearing that day, standing there in the choir at the Solemn Temple Baptist church.

When I was older, we moved to the deep woods of South Jersey. What a culture shock! If you're familiar with the city where I grew up, where there's a store on every corner, you know what I mean. How I missed the good times we had growing up in Philly, with the water plug block parties and our Mr. Softy. In Jersey, all we had were mosquitoes the size of cars. My interest in singing really took off as a teenager. Jeffrey Osbourne and James Ingram greatly inspired me. They were the best ballad singers of their day, and they could make the girls cry. I went to high school in Williamstown, New Jersey, where I sang as a tenor in the high school choir. I was proud to sing the Star Spangled Banner at our graduation ceremony. In the years following high school I worked as a technician.

In 1996 I was transferred to Cleveland, Ohio. I was very excited about the new change in my life. My first experience working as a DJ was for the Karaoke Kandy Store in Parma, Ohio. I also did the sound for a group called Debbie & the Debutants, I would sing while the girls changed their outfits. This is when I discovered my niche in the DJ market. I would open every DJ show with a song. People began hiring me because I could both sing and I was a great DJ with all the music. I was blessed with numerous engagements at country clubs and special events, mostly weddings. This is how I became "The Wedding Singer". Today, I regularly perform at events and local clubs in the greater Cleveland area and throughout Ohio, and make special performances at locations throughout the country.

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